Our Programs

Fostering Animals

OutPaws is a foster-based rescue organization. Our volunteer foster parents are vital to OutPaws rescue efforts, providing temporary homes to our dogs and cats until they can be placed in loving adoptive homes.  Foster homes are often the difference between life and death for the countless number of homeless animals who are awaiting a much-deserved second chance.

Our foster program allows foster parents to do thorough evaluations of their foster animals, as well as provide one-on-one training for the animals. This enables OutPaws to give potential adopters detailed information regarding the personality, temperament and exercise needs of each of our adoptable animals. Additionally, foster homes are able to work with many shelter animals that have never lived in a home to help with housetraining, socialization and other basic training needs.

OutPaws is always looking for new foster homes. Please consider temporarily opening your home to a dog or cat in need. It is one of the most rewarding and generous things you can do to help a homeless animal.

To foster a pet, click here.

Grey Muzzle Program

At OutPaws, we hold a special place in our hearts for senior homeless animals. These dogs and cats are the most at-risk in shelters, where they are often the last to be adopted and the first to be euthanized.  Many shelters and rescues do not take seniors because of the increased health costs of older animals and because they generally take longer to place. After a lifetime of being in a home, senior animals are also more apt to become depressed, withdrawn or overly stressed in shelters.

OutPaws takes in dogs and cats six years and older and rehomes those that are healthy enough to be placed. We also accept terminally ill senior dogs and cats and those too old or frail to be a part of our adoption program and place them in permanent hospice foster homes.

Rescue Community Alliances

OutPaws believes that the only way to significantly alleviate the homeless pet epidemic is through the collaborative efforts of animal rescue, welfare and veterinary organizations. Simply put, when we work together, we save more lives.

Shelter Partnerships

OutPaws works to help shelters in Colorado, neighboring states and even around the world. Our hearts and passions lie with helping the shelter animals that are often overlooked by adopters and rescue organizations. In a shelter environment, many dogs and cats are overwhelmed and fearful or, conversely, overly excitable. Already overburdened, shelter systems rarely have the resources to address behavioral or medical issues, however small, and these shelter animals inevitably fall through the cracks. OutPaws is committed to thoroughly evaluating each animal as an individual, regardless of breed bias, and giving a much needed second chance to shelter “underdogs.”

Spay/Neuter Program

OutPaws works tirelessly to rescue homeless animals. One important way for the animal welfare community to make a significant difference in alleviating the suffering and euthanasia associated with pet overpopulation is through widespread spay and neuter efforts. OutPaws supports its rescue partners, Spay Today, Neuter Now! and Downtown Animal Care Center, in their work to provide low-cost spay and neuter clinics in our community. We are committed to partnering with Spay Today, Neuter Now! to carry out spay/neuter clinics in low-income areas of our community as well as abroad in countries committed to addressing pet overpopulation through neutering rather than extermination. If you would like to donate to OutPaws’ spay and neuter fundraising campaign for Spay Today, Neuter Now!, please make a donation through our site and note that it is for spay/neuter. Additionally, we’re always looking for volunteers to assist Spay Today, Neuter Now! at S/N clinics.