Below are our available goats for adoption:

Heather, Unicorn, Emilia, and Thyme

Hello there!  We are a sweet family of four.  My name is Heather and I’m the mom to Unicorn, Emilia and Thyme.  My babies are now teenagers and a young adult, but we live together and enjoy being together so are looking for our perfect home where we can remain family forever.  I’m a very friendly girl with humans and do enjoy affection.

Sampson and Shasta

Shasta is a young female who gave birth to Sampson in November.  Sampson is playful and loves to headbutt and play with the other kids.  Sampson is neutered and both he and Shasta have received their CDT vaccine.

Petunia, Paris and Puck

Petunia is a young mom who birthed Puck and Paris in November.  Puck is a small white male who is neutered and all three have had their CDT vaccines.