Below are our available goats for adoption:

Hello there!  We are a sweet family of four.  My name is Heather and I’m the mom to Unicorn, Emilia and Thyme.  My babies are now teenagers and a young adult, but we live together and enjoy being together so are looking for our perfect home where we can remain family forever.  I’m a very friendly girl with humans and do enjoy affection.

I am the one teeny tiny baby boy in a room full of women!  Howdy, my name is Cosmos.  I’m probably only 2-3 months old.  During the rescue, all the nice people tried to figure out who my mama was, but we never could find her.  I’m a sweet little boy looking for love!

Hi!  We are Buttercup and Clover — two bottle-fed sisters.  We want to follow you wherever you go.  We like being held and cuddled and enjoying just being with humans. We will need to be adopted together.

My name is Aster.  I’m a strong, mature girl.  I like to be the boss and am a take-charge kind of gal. I’m full of personality and ready to win your heart.